Do plants have the ability to move?

Answer Answer All plants have some power of movement. It may be as simple as the plant moving because it enlarges as it grows, or tracking the sun as it moves across the sky. But with some carnivorous pla... Read More »

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Sometimes when Im falling asleep I lose the ability to move or open my eyes and I hear scary noises around me?

Sleep paralysis! You get used to it until the hallucinations come, a guy standing over your bed, that you don't get used to *shiver*

How to Move Plants?

When moving house, we don't always think through what needs to be done to protect plants in the move. Yet, some foreplanning is essential to ensure that they remain healthy and make the move intact... Read More »

How do I move potted plants?

Pre-TransplantWater the plant you intend to move an hour or two before the move to prepare it. This will keep the roots from drying out during the move.Prepare your new pot. Use the same mix of soi... Read More »

How to Pack Plants for a Move?

If you have a garden you cannot live without, you may want to try taking it with you. With care, you can move even established plants. Plan carefully to minimize damage and shock to your plants.