Do plants grow until they die?

Answer yes

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How do you trim hanging plants so they grow faster?

Yes, one of the other posters was right.You should re-pot it. It will help it grow.Also, what you shoudl do, is take it down, and first, trim off all the dead stuff. Most should just pull away with... Read More »

Do plants produce food from the sand they grow in?

What are some easy plants you can plant and they grow?

HostasPetuniasDaisiesMarigoldsSnap dragonsColumbineMorning GlorySpider PlantsSunflowersPortulacarose bushesWandering Jew PlantLilies of the Valleyall very easy to plant and take care of

If I let my indoor plants listen to 3 hours of Bach a day, will they grow faster?

In fact, plants do like "sounds".. not necessarely music... A lot of experience had been made to show if music can help or not. In all case, plants growing with music did a lot better than the one ... Read More »