Do plants grow slower in the winter?

Answer Yes, their growth slows down because of cooler temperatures and shorter days and exposure to sunlight.

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Do plants grow in Antarctica in the winter?

Yes,there are plants surving in the Antarctica.Those plants have adaptations to adapt in the harsh weather,similar to animals living in Antarctica such as the polar bear or seals,they have thick fu... Read More »

What Plants to Grow During the Winter in the Southern United States?

The southern United States has USDA Plant Hardiness Zones ranging between 7 and 10. Plants that grow well during the winter in these zones are those that are fairly hardy and can resist cooler temp... Read More »

What Kind of Plants or Flowers Grow to Fall Through the Winter?

Not all flowers and shrubs cease blooming during the fall or winter. Perennials and annuals display sprays of flowers in golds, rusts and whites. Shrubs bear scores of berries under gray skies. Bul... Read More »

How to Make Facial Hair Grow Slower?

As the gender with the more delicate physique, women are less likely than men to grow coarse hair in their cheek, chin and upper-lip areas. Yet many women do grow hair in these areas, which can mea... Read More »