Do plants grow faster with or without sun?

Answer Answer There are specific species of plants that are best suited for either sun or shade. Some form of sunlight is needed to provide growth, but some plants cannot tolerate direct sun. Sam bessant ... Read More »

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What do plants need to grow faster?

Answer 40 degree heat and good watering

How to Grow Plants Faster?

Are you tired of waiting for your plants to grow? This article suggests some simple ways to make your plants grow faster without using pesticides or harmful chemicals.

How do you get your tomato plants to grow faster?

If the plants are in good soil, being properly watered and fed with the required light and temperature you dont have to worry.

Will plants without fertilizer grow faster?

[1] Theoretically, they wouldn't. [2] But practically it depends upon soil health. Fertilizer applied to stressed or unhealthy soil mightn't be taken up by plant roots. In the case of the latter, f... Read More »