Do plants grow better in water or soil?

Answer On One Hand: Water is More EfficientHydroponics is the process of growing plants without soil. This method has an edge over orthodox cultivation techniques in several categories. Hydroponically g... Read More »

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Why do plants grow better in soil than sand?

Soil Grows Better PlantsSoil holds nutrients that plants need a lot better than sand or clay. Clay is hard, so it makes it harder for roots of plants to grow down to reach the water or nutrients un... Read More »

Why does soil grow plants better than sand?

Do plants grow better in potting soil, clay or sand?

On One Hand: Plants Grow Best in Potting SoilPlants need nutrient-rich soil that provides good drainage in order to grow strong and healthy. According to, potting soil gives plant... Read More »

Can plants grow in something other than water or soil?

Plants can grow in air through a system known as aeroponics, where nutrients are sprayed directly onto the exposed roots. NASA, among other organizations, is a big proponent of this system because ... Read More »