Do plants grow better in soda or water?

Answer On One Hand: Water has Many BenefitsWater acts as a solvent for the nutrients and minerals in the soil that a plant needs to survive; without it, the roots of the plants cannot absorb the necessary... Read More »

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Do plants grow faster with water or soda?

Whether plants grow faster with water or soda depends on the type of soda used. The only soda with proven benefits has been club soda; diet soda has had mixed and inconclusive results.FunctionWater... Read More »

Do plants grow better with lake water, tap water or distilled water?

On One Hand: Distilled WaterDistilling water occurs when water is heated until it becomes vapor and is subsequently cooled. After this distillation process, all minerals and chemicals are removed f... Read More »

Will plants grow bigger if watered with water, milk or soda?

On One Hand: Milk and Soda Will Harm PlantsSugars in soda and milk, as well as the protein in milk, make it difficult for plants to absorb water. Plants given only milk or soda will most likely deh... Read More »

Will plants grow better in regular water vitamin water or Mountain Dew?

Answer: There are many folk-cures and hear-say remedies for growing plants, many if not most will end in weakening if not killing the plant, the best recourse is to know the plant, know what type o... Read More »