Do plants grow better in cold or hot places?

Answer because some plants can grow in place that may be a little old and alittle hot and a little water and alot of rain it all depends in the plant .

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Do plants need to be by cold places or warm places?

Plants grow a lot better in warm places because this is one of the things that they need to grow. Photosynthesis takes a better effect in warm places so this helps the plants grow.

Why do moss plants need to grow in damp places?

Moss and certain other families of plants such as ferns (pteridophytes) are very old in evolutionary terms, and need moist environments both to survive and to reproduce. More 'recent' or 'modern' ... Read More »

Do plants grow better in the hot or the cold?

Plants grow faster in hot or cold water?

A plant has to be in a climate that suits it. Most of the chemical reactions that make life possible happen best between freezing (0 celcius or 32 farenheit) and somwhere under boiling. To quote a... Read More »