Do plants go through respiration?

Answer During photosynthesis, plants produce glucose, which is stored as a source of energy for the plant and later broken down when the plant needs to use that energy. The process of breaking down glucos... Read More »

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Do plants go through aerobic respiration?

Respiration, or the release of energy within a cell, occurs in almost all living things--whether plant or animal. Most plants undergo aerobic respiration in addition to photosynthesis, or the trans... Read More »

Do germinating seeds go through cellular respiration?

Germinating seeds use energy to germinate, and cellular respiration is the use of energy stored as glucose. Aerobic respiration ads oxygen to the stored glucose. Thus, germinating seeds do go throu... Read More »

Define Respiration in Plants?

In plants, respiration is the process by which plants control oxidation. Oxidation is the chemical process plants use to convert sugars and starches into energy. Don't get confused by the way the w... Read More »

Do plants perform respiration?

All forms of life perform respiration. During plant respiration, cells use food, oxygen and energy. The byproducts of plant respiration include water and carbon dioxide. Plants do not need sunlight... Read More »