Do plant grow better with tap or distilled water?

Answer No. Tap water or distilled water has no nutrients or minerals that a plant needs. If you leave a plant with just distilled water, it will effectively 'starve'love MeganX321 :)

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Can a plant grow in distilled water?

Does tap water or distilled water make a lima bean plant grow taller?

On One Hand: Chemicals in Tap WaterTap water in many areas has added chemicals such as fluoride, chlorine and iodine, which can potentially harm plants. Tap water can also be "hard," having high mi... Read More »

Which plant will grow with coke milk microwave water orange juice and distilled water?

Do plants grow better with lake water, tap water or distilled water?

On One Hand: Distilled WaterDistilling water occurs when water is heated until it becomes vapor and is subsequently cooled. After this distillation process, all minerals and chemicals are removed f... Read More »