Do fig trees grow better in a pot or in the ground?

Answer Where figs grow best (ground or pots) depends on the climate where you live. Although sub-tropical in origin, fig trees are cold hardy to between 15 and 20 degrees Fahrenheit. If winters are harsh ... Read More »

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How do you grow pineapples?

From the leafy green top you cut off of a pineapple fruit. Place the top on its side for a few hours to dry the cut, then place it (cut side down) in moist potting soil. Water when dry; the top sho... Read More »

How many pineapples grow in a plant?

One, although technically this is a conglomeration of many pineapple flower spikes.

Do pineapples grow upside down?

Do pineapples grow in Canada?

yes and bananas and in august advados