Do pinched nerves go away on their own?

Answer Not usually. You have a pinched muscle there. Easy to do when lifting something heavy. Icing a pinched muscle is going to cause you more pain. It is already in a shortened mode and ice is going ... Read More »

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Why do I get pinched nerves in my elbows while lifting weights?

The pinched nerves could be due to entrapment of the ulnar nerve as an effect of the weight lifting.

Pinched nerves neuroma, but i need to compete this weekend?

There are many ways to treat neuroma. These include arch supports and foot pads to help reduce the pressure on the nerve. Some people benefit from steroid injections into the painful area. Crygenic... Read More »

Will the numbness resulting from a pinched nerve/sciatica eventually go away OR can it be a permanent symptom?

Hi ScarlettI had a similar problem and got diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, however this was a misdiagnosis.I had numbness in my right hand and kept dropping things, tingling sensation all th... Read More »

Is their a way to re leave a pinched nerve in my back?