Do pills REALLY expire?

Answer It kinda depends on the pill. Some break down rather quickly, while others (most opioids) are rather hardy. The 'expiration' date is normally the date that they guarantee full potency. They'll s... Read More »

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Do iron pills expire?

iron is a mineral and can lay in the ground for centuries. NO iron does not expire. Just not possible.

Do birth control pills expire?

Yes, birth control pills expire. As with any other medication, birth control pills may still work after their expiration date, but might not be as effective. To be on the safe side, you should thro... Read More »

Can bottled water really expire?

Most of the time produced water comes stamped with expiration dates. On most Poland Spring bottles, there are tiny, white letters advising consumers to drink up within two years. Most Aquafina bott... Read More »

Does bottled water really expire?

No, it is a weird FDA regulation that requires an expiration date to be placed on it. That water will be fine 10 years from now.