Why do pickles have seeds?

Answer So that they can reproduce. All fruits and vegetables have a seed of some kind.

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Do bogies have calories?

Bogies are made up of water and mucin. Water has no calories or calorific value but mucin does because it's a protein. 1 gram of bogies would have 4 calories

Do cucumbers have zero calories?

No. There are calories in cucumber. There are calories in all foods. For the calorie content of cucumber, please see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

What drinks have 0 calories?

Literally there is nothing. Even flavored water has calories. Tea has hardly anything at all, so try that. And regular leave tea, not that sweetened bottles bullshit.

Does water have any calories?

No, water has zero calories. But a pint of water weighs a pound, so if you drink a lot of water while you're dieting, and weigh yourself just afterward, it may look as though you've put on weight.... Read More »