Do pesticide residues in food harm people's health?

Answer Residues in food can harm human health because the poisonous chemicals that are in the pesticide gets carried through the food chain and the highest in the food chain gets the most effect as the po... Read More »

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What are pesticide residues?

Pesticide residues are very small amounts of pesticides that can remain in or on a crop after harvesting or storage. Levels are typically very low, for example a few milligrams of pesticide in a ki... Read More »

Is coffee bad for peoples health ?

Yes drinking to much coffee can be bad for peoples health.

I would love to know peoples opinions on Alternative approaches to health care and why?

Firstly, do you actually employ anyone with real medical training and qualifications such as board certified MDs? Or is your organization comprised entirely of negligibly trained amateurs?Such test... Read More »

What would you consider poor peoples food?

In Japan, Gyudon (beef bowl) would be considered a "poor man`s food". Gyudon is a fast food in Japan consisting of a bowl of rice topped with thinly sliced onion and beef. It is really cheap and is... Read More »