Do perms normally look better a few days after you get it?

Answer it is a small possiblility that the texture could change...Id like to remind you that a perm FRYS hair, so of course your hair is going to be bushy and poofy.

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Is it me or does HD look better than the human eye normally sees?

If it was better than what the human eye normally sees, you wouldn't be able to see it.

If you normally have your period for 7 days and this month you had it for 5 days could you become pregnant on days 8 and 9?

Why would your hot water look milky after normally being perfectly clear and it's been that way for two months and how do you remedy it?

Answer The milky color is most probably caused by tiny air bubbles in the water. To confirm, collect some in a glass and let it settle for 1 day or so, it should be clear again. Air bubbles could b... Read More »

If you bleed regular for three days when your period is normally 7 or 8 and then a week later you wipe after peeing of course and there a very light pink on the tissue is that a sign of pregnancy?

Answerno its just one of your overies sending a late egg. if you were pregnate you wouldn't have got it for them 3 days