Do people who create anti-virus software in their day job create viruses in their evening job?

Answer I can't give sources but yes this is how it used to work at the start, classic fud.However for a few years it has also been policy of the security industry to employ writers once they have been bus... Read More »

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Are the most popular anti-virus software programs ALMOST as invasive as the viruses they, designed to protect?

As far as most tech-oriented people go, Norton and McAfee are usually at the bottom of the food chain. Probably because they cost some absurd amount for something you can download for free (Avira, ... Read More »

Why do people waste money on anti-virus software?

one day you will visit a site and your computer will crashyou have been lucky i got viruses with norton protection,!!

Why do people create computer viruses?

What anti-virus software is better, AVG Anti-Virus Free or Norton Security?

Norton. Why? Free AVG includes no root kit protection. AVG is a resource hog. AVG has a low virus detection rate. Norton is everything AVG isn't.