Why is it that mostly old people say that I'm beautiful or pretty?

Answer because they wanna **** you nothing more

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Pretty People Have It Easier?

I agree with you. Attractive people have it easier than unattractive people. I think it's fine that Tyra did that. She wanted to show the world what it's full of. Pathetic people who think beauty i... Read More »

Why do so many people post pics of themselves on here and then ask if they look good/pretty?

They can't, thus the logical step would be to ask others. Online.The judgment of strangers is usually more honest.

Does anyone consider DARK brown eyes as pretty Why do people think they're ugly?

The simple fact that a person has blue eyes does not make them unique or pretty. People think brown is ugly because its common. People are also stupid hahahah. Brown eyes are very expressive!!!! so... Read More »

When you see pretty people & babies in avatars, do you have a hard time believing it's really her & her baby?

Not usually unless the person gives me reason to suspect they are a fake, and even then the fakes are usually easy to spot.