Does anyone consider DARK brown eyes as pretty Why do people think they're ugly?

Answer The simple fact that a person has blue eyes does not make them unique or pretty. People think brown is ugly because its common. People are also stupid hahahah. Brown eyes are very expressive!!!! so... Read More »

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Do you think im pretty?

holy sh/it. your freaking hot. I would go for a girl like you. but you would have to be a couple years older


well they both look pretty but il have to go with the one on the far right because the other one is pulling a face and u cant really see what she looks like properly!

Do you think you @re pretty?

Not at all. Sometimes, the only thing that makes me feel better about myself for a second is the thought of plastic surgery. I hate the way I look. I always have to check how I look in the mirror, ... Read More »

Do u think i'm pretty?

You dont look 100% african american, but i guess there could be light africans americans, but I wouldnt be surprised if down the line theres some family secrets in your family ;P lol.....and your a... Read More »