Do people that are obese need to drink more alcohol than a skinny person to get drunk?

Answer the heavy person has to drink more, and it is because of the body size and mass that needs the larger quantity of liquor to become drunk

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How much alcohol can you drink without getting drunk?

If its budlight... I kan drink a 12 pack without getn drunk! At least I used to b able to, lol, haven't ben drinking here lately.

Drink alcohol for taste or get drunk?

Drinking "for the taste" is a poor excuse for drinking.

Why do you get drunk quicker if you drink alcohol out of a straw or bottle?

depends...can you drink it quicker through a straw? achohol content is the thing that makes you drunk...the higher the content the quicker you're drunk. depending on your weight and tolerance.

How do you feel about being with people who smoke and who drink to get drunk?