Does the truth come out when you are drunk?

Answer Yes, the truth can come out when a person drinks and usually does. It's called liquid courage In this case.

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How can people smoke cigaretts when they know the truth?

Well, I used to smoke. When I smoked, I told myself that nothing would happen to me. After all my dad smoked every day since he was 12 years old. His sister smoked her entire adult life. My in ... Read More »

Why are people afraid of the truth about their mother's surrenders?

I was not afraid to hear my mother's story. I had wanted to find/see/know her for almost 20 years by the time I actually did. I had gone through the same things that PhilM described -- almost to ... Read More »

When people get drunk?

Your liver will remove small amounts of alcohol over time. Larger amounts make you drunk, larger again your body tries to rid the toxin by vomiting, and then sometime even more can cause death.

Why do people get drunk?

good for you that you have never had a drink..once before i would have said you were missing out but if you r enjoying your life without drink then I'm happy for you..i always thought i only had a ... Read More »