Do people really need to eat 3 times aday?

Answer Think it depends on how active you are.. At school you are thinking a lot. I know that makes me hungry lol

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How many times do you eat in a day( I need at least 50 people to answer please. its for my math class)?

Do people really need 3 meals a day?

You shouldn't wait until you are hungry to eat. The point is to prevent hunger. Three meals is actually two meals less than you should be eating. You should eat about five meals a day. Now, I a... Read More »

Do people really need to eat food?

People really do need to eat food. Food contains certain vital enzymes that activate or otherwise aid in nutritional uptake and absortion. Makes you wonder about see "Hydration and Nutrition" on th... Read More »

Is there any reason why urine is really yellow at times and at other times not?

The colour of the urine is caused by a yellow pigment called UROCHROME secreted by the kidneys in a fairly constant amount per day and everyday. The kidneys normally excrete about 1500mls of water... Read More »