Do people really need to eat 3 times aday?

Answer Think it depends on how active you are.. At school you are thinking a lot. I know that makes me hungry lol

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Does Marvin aday have siblings?

yes technically cologne can kill sperm. Cologne is 99% alcohol and alcohol kills sperm. I would not suggest spraying yourself as a form of protection.

What did people eat in the medieval times?

During Medieval Times, or the Middle Ages, people often lived in small farming communities that were owned by a lord. Under this system, peasants often lived more difficult lives and ate simpler me... Read More »

Did people have HOT SAUCE in ancient times?

There may have been rare situations where some cultures ground up peppercorns or seeds, but, for the most part, peppers that we today would consider "hot" were literally invented over the past 5 or... Read More »

What medicines did people use in the medieval times?

In medieval times there were no antibiotics, so physicians primarily used plants, herbs and resins as medicines. They believed the body was made up of four humors: sanguine (blood), choler, phlegm ... Read More »