Do people really lose blood when they don't sleep?

Answer NO. It is science-y stuff, but if you aren't sleeping much you could eventually get worn down and they stress could take a toll on your body. This would take a long time.Also, when do you wake up? ... Read More »

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People with high blood pressure if you dont?

yes and your also asking for a stroke or heart attack hey ohio listen im 33 years old and im a nurse and take meds for hyper tension ( BP) you can really start getting tired first you can Heart y... Read More »

I've been sleep walking and sleep talking recently to my mum but when i wake up i dont remember anything?

I used to sleep talk and walk alot, and when my family tell me what I talked about, I can remeber what I was dreeming about. You talk during a dream so it would be related to that. But people more ... Read More »

What is a good natural sleep aid i cant sleep and dont want to take any meds because of sideaffects.?

How much could you lose it you dont eat for 3 days?

depends on you matabolism. personally, since mine is very fast, id probably loose a good 10 pounds and feel very bad. thats just me though ask your doctor