Do people really go to cafes in NYC just to order a bowl of cheerios?

Answer Yeah, some people do not want to go through the shopping process and just eat out all the time, even for a small snack. I have worked in diners and coffeshops in NYC and we used to sell plenty of c... Read More »

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How to Order in New Zealand Cafes?

Well it can be very different to order in a foreign country. I'm in New Zealand at the moment and slowly I have worked out how to order the best way.

Bacon A Bowl of Cheerios Or a Pear Which from this list do you like better for Breakfast?

None really, but in these choices I'd choose a Pear. Have a good day Scooter

Waffles A bowl of Cheerios Or a Grilled Cheese Sandwich Which from this list do u like better?

Grilled Cheese Sandwich...I LOVE them...with Swiss or Cheddar or Pepper Jack...OMG!

What Do People Eat At Cafes (As In Cake, Donuts etc)?

Chocolate cake or jam flake tart with custardOrange juice or colaChips with ketchup or salad and egg cress with mayo sandwich or roll :D