Why do women pierce their tongues?

Answer To try & look cool. Just looks gross

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Can anyone pick things up with their toes?

yup. i can pick up notecards, pencils, pens, calculators. i usally do it when i drop something when im doing homework

What episode of iCarly do the girls show their toes?

when the fake earthquake came, with families on their toes

How many toes do dogs have on their back paws?

Dogs have five toes on their back paws, just as they do on their front paws. The dewclaw, which is a vestigial or non-functional toe, is located higher up. Sometimes it is surgically removed.Source... Read More »

How long does the quick extend on a parrot's toes if you don't trim their claws?

The quick of a parrot’s nails “extends two thirds to three fourths of the way down the length of the nail” states veterinarian Gary A. Gallerstein in “The Complete Bird Owner’s Handbook.â... Read More »