Do people pay taxes on vending machines?

Answer Sales tax is controlled at the state level, so the taxation of vending machine products varies state by state. For example, in Washington the person who maintains the machine must pay sales tax and... Read More »

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How many people a year die from vending machines?

A report in 1995 stated that on average, 2 people per year die from blunt trauma related to vending machines tipping over on them.

How many people are killed each year by vending machines?

On average, two to three people are killed via being crushed by vending machines in the United States every year. The odds that someone will die from being crushed by a vending machine are 1 in 112... Read More »

Who invented vending machines?

A Greek mathematician and engineer named Hero is credited with inventing the first vending machines around 215 B.C. Hero's machines, in Alexandria, Egypt, dispensed holy water in exchange for bronz... Read More »

How to Buy Tampon Vending Machines?

Tampon vending machines are found in bathrooms, locker room, and even changing stations around the world. While these machines are often overlooked, they are necessary for female customers and clie... Read More »