Do people need to file a tax return on disability?

Answer Many Americans receive disability income and taxes are not taken directly out of the payments. So, many people are unsure as to whether they need to pay taxes on this income.SingleIf you file your ... Read More »

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Do I have to file a tax return for nontaxable disability?

Income that is nontaxable does not require a tax return and should not be reported on a tax return. Any income that is considered taxable may require the filing of a tax return, depending on the in... Read More »

Does my son need to file a tax return?

On One Hand: It May Not Be NecessaryYou are usually only required to file a federal tax return if you earn more than $3,000 or are self-employed and bring in revenues of more than $400. Certain one... Read More »

Do i need to file a state tax return?

Wage earners in Florida, Alaska, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Nevada, Wyoming and Washington are not required to file state tax returns for regular income. Tennessee and New Hamps... Read More »

Do I need to file a tax return if I'm on workers'comp?

Workers' compensation benefits are not considered taxable income. If you have other income in addition to workers' compensation, you may still be required to file a return. If you are required to f... Read More »