Do people in other countries wear engagement rings?

Answer In most Western European cultures, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain, engagement rings are worn as a sign of an agreement to be married. The tradition began in A.D. ... Read More »

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Should a widow continue to wear her wedding&engagement rings?

On One Hand: Continue Wearing ThemFor many widows, the engagement and wedding rings symbolize a lifetime commitment, rather than just a marriage. In this case, some widows choose to continue wearin... Read More »

Why do people wear wedding rings?

A wedding ring has long been used as a symbol to define a person's marital status. Wedding rings have a number of believed origins, which means there could be more than one reason why people wear w... Read More »

Do men have engagement rings?

Women typically wear engagement rings. However, there is a movement among men and women who hold more egalitarian views of marriage customs for both people to wear engagement rings. This can also b... Read More »

How to Compare Engagement Rings?

Buying an engagement ring can be challenging if you're not prepared. While more and more couples shop together for the ring, some future grooms prefer to surprise their special someone. Before purc... Read More »