Do people in countries other than Britain have a roast dinner on Sundays?

Answer we did every sunday growing up (unless we weren't @home)we did when my kids were growing up most of the timemy kids do it most of the time in their own families now.....

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Sunday dinner - Is it roast beef lamb or pork today for dinner.?

What do you like best with a beef roast dinner?

Mashed potatoes with that homemade roast beef gravy with green beans casserole and melted cheese over steamed cauliflower or maybe some corn.Homemade yeast rolls lather with real butter and strawbe... Read More »

Birthday roast dinner?

Peel and cut the Potatoes into chunks and cover them with cold water in a bowl in the fridge.Carrots can be just cut and left in water.Parsnips can be peeled an cut, but in round lengths as the end... Read More »

Should I make Meatloaf or Roast beef for dinner?

normally I would say roast beef but for some reason meatloaf sounds really goodI think that is what i am going to have for dinner