Do people in USA pay tips in McDonalds?

Answer No, but if the person is especially friendly I have tried and some refuse, so I bring up their good service to the manager. This can help them out in the long run.

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Why do people look at me when I eat mcdonalds.?

Does it bother anyone when fat people go to mcdonalds?

LOL I used to work at Maccas and there was one lady that was ridiculously huge and she came in all the time.. She had acne, facial hair and hairy moles. Kennedy - don't try to justify peopl that ar... Read More »

Why is the McDonalds at S. 29th & Grays Ferry Avenue called the "Ol' Dirty Bastards McDonalds"?

That McDonalds was the site of Ol' Dirty Bastard's last arrest, in 2002, before he died in 2004.

Why do people still go into McDonalds and look at the menu I mean, you know what they have, right?

Their menu does change. And it is different in different parts of the country and the world.