Do people in Denmark wear wooden shoes?

Answer In more rural areas of Denmark, wooden shoes are still worn, though in much fewer numbers than in previous generations. Inexpensive wooden shoes that could hold up in the elements were worn predomi... Read More »

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Do people in Holland wear wooden shoes?

Dutch people generally do not wear wooden shoes. Some farmers still wear them to protect their feet against the cold. However, visitors can still purchase wooden shoes, called clogs, throughout Hol... Read More »

Why do people wear leather shoes?

Yes, lets all stop wearing leather shoes because the veggies can't handle it.Then we can see how long it takes for cows to become extinct.For goodness sake - get a grip - I can prove to you that pl... Read More »

Do you allow people to wear shoes in your house?

Never! When my daughter was just 9 months old, a friend walked dog poop all through my house. My daughter is now 21 years old and from that day, the only person that has EVER been through my door... Read More »

Why do people wear boat shoes with socks?

Don't listen to them. Socks look ridiculous with boat shoes. The only time socks should be worn with boat shoes should be in the winter with dress socks, even if you are wearing jeans. Otherwise bo... Read More »