Do people have withdrawal symptoms if their computer is broken.?

Answer Yes,I have a number of machines now,but the second one I bought was purely for backup.Addict I guess!!

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Can a baby have withdrawal symptoms from ecstasy?

Sure can. It is the same as anyone else who takes the drug and experiences withdrawal symptoms later. If the mother is pregnant and consuming ecstacy, the drug is shared with her fetus through the... Read More »

Does nicotine just relieve the withdrawal symptoms Doesn't it have any effects on its own (Ecigarette)?

You have heard incorrectly. Nicotine is the addictive substance in tobacco.I am a smoker. Tobacco certainly aids my concentration and relaxes me.I have tried some of the cheaper ecigarettes. Min... Read More »

How do people have their own wifi on their phones?

Its called a "Personal Hotspot". It is a relatively new technology.

What are the effects of withdrawal symptoms of Vicodin?

Vicodin is a name brand of the drug hydrocodone, a Schedule III analgesic painkiller. Vicodin, a controlled substance, is prescribed for moderate to severe pain. Vicodin is highly addictive; many p... Read More »