Do people have to sign a speeding ticket?

Answer Yes. A speeding ticket is the first notice of an alleged traffic violation; refusing to sign could lead to further charges or arrest. Signing a speeding ticket is not an admission of guilt but an ... Read More »

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Do you have to sign a speeding ticket?

Drivers must sign a speeding ticket. According to attorney Robert Eutsler on MSN's MoneyCentral, police officers can arrest drivers who refuse to sign the ticket or write "refused to sign" on the p... Read More »

How to Fight a Speeding Ticket in California with Ticket Busters?

You're driving down the freeway at seventy miles per hour and all of a sudden, you see red lights flashing behind you. You get that feeling in your stomach that is all too familiar to some of us dr... Read More »

How much do I have to pay for a speeding ticket?

On One Hand: Where You Were Speeding.Every state has different penalties for traffic violations such as speeding. Some states' costs for speeding tickets include court costs and fines may vary betw... Read More »

What happens when you don't pay a speeding ticket?

While speeding tickets are inconvenient, neglecting to pay them is usually a mistake. Although, in rare instances, a judge can overturn a citation, the longer you take to pay a ticket, the more mon... Read More »