Do people have different taste as in food in the states?

Answer Well I was going to say bologna sandwich's but you would yell at me..:) I do love grilling out in the summer BBQ chicken or ribs and of course corn on the cob fresh from the garden.

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Is the idea that people have different taste in music so hard to grasp?

This would be a problem but NOBODY disagrees with me, you GOT that!?I thought so.Otherwords, I agree. Anything I offer as criticism for a band is almost always just that, criticism from my perspect... Read More »

Why do the same soft drinks at different restaurants and fast food chains taste different?

Fountain drink taste can be affected by many different things.Like one person mentioned, not cleaning the machine.Or not monitoring the carbonation, or fullness of the syrup feeding in to the machi... Read More »

Are carrots that have different color's taste different?

If you're thinking of providing cheap, low quality carrots from wal-mart for the christmas feast, you can think again.After working our fluffy butts off all year, we deserve only the best so you'd ... Read More »

Does Kosher food taste different than non-kosher food?