Do people get annoyed if someone puts self-pics like once a week or two weeks of themselves on facebook?

Answer I don't get annoyed but I do generally think the person is a bit narcissistic. I mean, we already know what you look like and unless you're doing something incredible and amazing, I probably don't... Read More »

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Are you annoyed by the spam question Stalking people on FaceBook Don't lie.. :O?

Yes it's annoying, it's a complete scam some people think that it's real and people have starred it. I always report them cuz it's actually a robot .There is another one like that and it's called "... Read More »

Can people see if you viewed their Facebook pics?

lol we all get paranoid like that, but if people were able to see who looked at their photos an when... NO ONE would be looking at ANYONES photos lol

Is there any way to prevent people from tagging your pics on facebook?

Go to the triangle next to your name, and select Privacy Settings. Scroll down, and you will find Timeline and Tagging. Select Edit, and tweak the settings to suit your personal preferences. Ple... Read More »

Girls, do you get creeped out when people you dont know are looking thru your pics on myspace or facebook?

No because I do it to! Especially if people have pics of their travels up, i love looking at other peoples pics! As long as you're not putting up inappropriate or distasteful pics of yourself what ... Read More »