Is it true we eat spiders in our sleep?

Answer i hate bugs to! i had a panic attack on the stairs once because there was one above me and i froze! i've had to call my mum on my mobile to come and get a spider from my bedroom wall because i coul... Read More »

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Do We Really Swallow Spiders In Our Sleep?

yes its true because when a spider or in-dead any insect this is the humans reaction to something going the mouth is to chew it and swallow it quickly.hope i was helpful.oh yes on average a human e... Read More »

Asian parents often tell their child/children not to sleep with their hair wet. Any scientific reason for this?

Sleeping with wet hair is a very bad idea, because you wake up with dry hair bent in all the wrong directions, and it can be very hard to comb properly. If you are an Asian child, you just don't h... Read More »

Why are people scared of spiders?

Phobias are hard to explain to many people its not rational but my sis is so phobic of even itsy bitsy ones she has to leave the room feels sick and uneasy. So dont tell her you swallow about 6 spi... Read More »

Do you or any of your neighbors have big fake black hairy spiders in their yards?

Cute, in town maybe not here on our dirt road. We have enough real, both spiders and family cemeteries.I think Disney was a major contributor to stones with sayings.Here lies Johnny Macbridegot in ... Read More »