Do people eat Clif Bars regularly?

Answer hello. I eat cliff bars regularly.

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Are clif bars vegan?

According to the Clif Bar Company, Clif Bars do not use animal products in their snack bars, including bars that contain chocolate. The manufacturer uses a semi-sweet chocolate that does not includ... Read More »

Where do they make Clif bars?

As of June 2010, Clif Bar & Company manufactures Clif bars in Berkeley, California. Founded in 1992 as Kali’s Bakery, the company changed its name to Clif Bar & Company in 1997. Clif Bars are mad... Read More »

Where are Clif bars made?

Clif Bars are nutrient and calorie dense energy bars made by Clif Bar & Co. The company is based in Berkeley, where manufacturing took place up until 2006. The facility has now been moved to Alamed... Read More »

Do protein bars like lunabars, Clif or Powerbars help with losing weight or gaining?

Protein not only help you build muscle but also a good source of energy if you take it before workout. Eating a protein bar once a day before workout shouldn't have any effect on your weight. I wou... Read More »