Do people actually eat Grits and Jowels and Possum Pie...?

Answer The website below has recipes for grits, jowls and possum pie. Just type one of the three into the search bar at the top of the page.You'll be relieved to hear that possum pie doesn't actually have... Read More »

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How to Catch a Possum?

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How to Trap a Possum?

Possums (sometimes called opossums) are nocturnal marsupials that scavenge for food. Possums are found in the Western Hemisphere and play dead when cornered. Possums can take residency in attics, c... Read More »

Are grits unhealthy?

Answer No. They are just grain, however, additives such as butter or sugar are both unhealthy.Grits are alright. Oatmeal, in comparision, could be said to be healthier, as it's higher in both solu... Read More »

How good are grits?

Dang at first I thought you had girls in the question and I got all psychological about it but if you are talking about grits, they suck.Peace