Do people actually eat Grits and Jowels and Possum Pie...?

Answer The website below has recipes for grits, jowls and possum pie. Just type one of the three into the search bar at the top of the page.You'll be relieved to hear that possum pie doesn't actually have... Read More »

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Why do people call other people noobs, instead of actually HELPING the person learn?

I think it is a state of mind. Often in the world people just cant seperate real life from fantasy/web. Kids often use it because its supposed to be cool to be rude and nasty. My kids dont ... Read More »

Do people actually put tablets in their bum Why?

hahaha so great.It's absorbed faster into the blood stream, and would be a stronger dose because of it. Haven't you heard of teenagers soaking tampons in vodka? You get the full dose faster without... Read More »

How to Make Cookies People Actually Want to Eat?

If you have made cookies before, did people not enjoy your creations? This article is going to change all that, assuming you want people to be pleased while eating your creations. Of course, sweets... Read More »

How many people actually watch T.V. anymore?