Do people abuse with wikipedia a lot?

Answer I see lots of people doing such things. Sometimes, they try to vandalize pages[1] and troll occasionally at other users[2]. On a few times, they want to get themselves, their company or their websi... Read More »

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What is with wikipedia hating on people?

Wikipedia is the perfect platform for "hating on" people.Do you want to hate on a B-list celebrity without attaching your real name to that vitriol? Easy. Just go on Wikipedia, put in some halfway ... Read More »

Why people feel motivated to contribute with Wikipedia?

Having contributed to Wikipedia for three years with over 17,000 actions logged on the site, I think I might be able to provide some insight into this.First of all, there is the motivation that I h... Read More »

Why do people find it necessary to answer questions with wikipedia?

Today, I've answered (sarcastically, of course) two very peculiar questions. One was along the lines of "which country dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima" and the other was "Did Fidel Castro win ... Read More »

Why do so many people answer questions with links to Wikipedia?