Do animals live in antarctica?

Answer Several species of animals inhabit Antarctica and the oceans that surround it, including penguins, seals, whales and assorted sea-going birds. Many of these animals live on the continent, such as t... Read More »

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Where do seals live in antarctica?

Antarctic seal live on rocky shores and ice packs, moving in and out of holes in the thick ice. Although a majority of seals live on and around Antarctica and the Arctic Circle, they are most often... Read More »

How many species of animals live in Antarctica?

No animals live full-time on the ices of Antarctica, but a total of 66 different species of animals call it home at times. Eight species of whales and six species of seals make the waters of Antarc... Read More »

Where do leopard seals in Antarctica live?

Leopard seals live in the frigid waters all the way around the border of Antarctica. Leopard seals spend most of their time around the shorelines, where they feed on seals, fish, squid and penguins... Read More »

How long do macaroni penguins live?

In the wild, macaroni penguins live about eight to 15 years, according to Center for Biological Diversity. They breed at around 5 to 6 years old. They live in Antarctica and islands south of Africa... Read More »