Do pediatricians deliver babies?

Answer Obstetricians are the doctors that care for pregnant women and deliver their babies. After the baby is born, a pediatrician is in charge of his care. A hospital pediatrician typically attends the b... Read More »

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What degree do you need to deliver babies?

You need a BSN to help deliver babies. An RN with an Associates Degree won't let you, but a Bachelors degree (BSN) will.

What do pediatricians do on the job?

Pediatricians are medical doctors who provide expert or specialized care to children from birth to their teenage years. There are different types of pediatricians and they work in a variety of sett... Read More »

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How many pediatricians are Hispanic?

According to a 2006 American Academy of Pediatrics study, 5,055 (or 6.7 percent) of pediatricians in the United States considered themselves Hispanics. The US Hispanic population is 14.8 percent. S... Read More »