Calling all drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, which car?

Answer I'd have a sports car if they weren't so impractical! I enjoy driving, but the car I've got at the moment handles like damp spong so it's not much fun. Practical, though!

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Do more people die behind the wheel or as pedestrians in car accidents?

Here in the US, 4092 pedestrians died in auto crashes in 2009. 28,936 passengers died in the same year, including 21,439 drivers.

Dumbas* pedestrians on zebra crossings?

I always thought pederstrians had right of way on the road over cars,especially at crossings? Check the Highway code on that one if you want.Surely it is the drivers responsibility to be aware of t... Read More »

Why do Drivers Splash Pedestrians by Driving Over Puddles?

Sometimes when you're driving it's difficult to tell the depth of a puddle or the splash it will make and where it will land. Don't forget you can't actually see your front wheel when you're drivin... Read More »

Why do drivers need to stop for pedestrians They should stop for us drivers instead!?

When we sit our written test for our licence, it says that we must give way to pedestrians that are on a designated walkway/crosswalk.We are all pedestrians at times, and we'd never get across the ... Read More »

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