How to Avoid Getting Any Candy With Peanuts or Peanuts Products in It when Trick or Treating?

Answer Are you allergic to peanuts? Do you hate losing candy to your family, because your allergic to peanuts? Well then this is the article for you!

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How to Boil Peanuts Using Roasted Peanuts?

This is a great and simple recipe. Although it takes around 3 hours, it is worth the wait for times like a get-together or events at the house. Despite the many opinions stating that boiling dry ro... Read More »

Salted Peanuts or Unsalted Peanuts Which do you like better?

Definitely unsalted peanuts! Yum!Night, night Sir Squirrel Agent! Hugs.........

What are raw peanuts?

Raw peanuts, also known as green or boiling peanuts, are peanuts that have not been dried, roasted or otherwise processed, but are sold or shipped for sale immediately after they are harvested. Ra... Read More »

Are peanuts bad for you?

Only if you are allergic to them. They are a good source of protein.