Do peanuts grow above or under ground?

Answer well everyone should know that peanuts grow above ground!!!!!!No, because then they know something that wasn't true. Only their leaves grow above ground.

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Do peanuts grow under the ground or above?

Do onions grow under or above ground?

Great question that produced a number of incorrect responses. Onions grow both under and above ground. The bulb of the onion, that part we typically see as the white "ball" grows beneath the soil... Read More »

Do pinto beans grow under the ground or above and how are they harvested?

They grow above ground and are much like other beans for drying such as kidney beans.In a dry climate you can leave them to dry on the bush. In damp climates, or if you prefer, you can pick the pod... Read More »

I removed the sand under the above ground pool now what What do I need to do to grow grass?

The house I moved into years ago had left over sand from their pool. You need to add top soil. If sand stays on top the grass will not be able to grow a good root system. If you have traffic on tha... Read More »