Do parents have time to drive there kids to school everyday?

Answer Old enough to use your hands and judge correctly, like 3 to 5.

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Do kids look like their adoptive parents over time?

It's not uncommon to mimic gestures and ways to speak, fashion and haircuts etc when living with someone all your life although they are not you biological family. So yes.

How Parents Can Help Their Kids in School?

Independence and self-motivation are two of the more important skills learned beyond the academics of a student's education as a child. Parents and guardians, however, are a child's best resource w... Read More »

Should parents be fined if their kids skip school?

No, they should not be fined if their kids skip school. It is none of the school's business if a child skips school so long as the parent phones the school and tells them that their child is not co... Read More »

How to Plan a Romantic Sexy Morning for Parents of School Aged Kids?

Have you ever dreamed of a time where you don't have to worry if you kids are going to interrupt a sexy encounter with you special ? We all know when kids are in the house the chances are great!