Do parents get ashamed if there kids masturbateIsnt it normal?

Answer There is nothing for you to be ashamed of! If you choose to tell your parents, then do so. Think about this, they probably did when they were growing up, but don't expect them to tell you they di... Read More »

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When I took sex ed. in school I was told that masturbating was normal and there was nothing to be ashamed of..?

Is it normal for sister not to be ashamed of her brother to masturbate in front of him?

You are brother and sister and such behaviour should not be happening if it has already or if either of you have entertained the thought of it - it is not acceptable. You must not do this or stop d... Read More »

Is there a way for parents to spy on there kids internet use?

There are multiple ways for parents to be able to monitor their children's personal computers. They can use programs downloaded from the internet and use the network between the computer's to simpl... Read More »

Is it okay for parents to hit there kids?

No! It's completely wrong and abusive. Whoever does this is cruel and I hope that go to prison for several years or even life. I'm sorry but... how could you not know that this isn't okay? But if ... Read More »