Do paper napkins break down in landfills?

Answer Paper napkins do break down in landfills, but the process takes longer than it would for napkins that are, for example, left on the ground after a picnic. In a landfill. microbial decomposition doe... Read More »

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Where can I buy paper plates, napkins and/or paper cups that have The Beatles on them?

have you sent out invitations yet what about something like this…im still looking for othersits expensive but heres a few places that let you design your o... Read More »

Can paper napkins&paper cups be recycled?

Paper napkins and cups cannot be recycled because they contain organic material. Food particles on the cups or napkins will contaminate any other paper products they come in contact with. Furthermo... Read More »

Where were the first paper napkins used?

The first paper napkins were used in the United States in 1887, at a company party hosted by John Dickenson. They were not immediately popular, and in fact were not manufactured commercially until ... Read More »

Who invented paper napkins?

Arthur Scott of the Scott Paper Co. introduced paper napkins in the early 1930s. Scott reportedly was inspired by a teacher who distributed small pieces of paper to students who had runny noses.Sou... Read More »