Do pap smears check for herpes?

Answer Pap smears do not check for herpes. Pap smears check for abnormal cervical cells and human papillomavirus (HPV). Your health care provider might notice herpes lesions during your pap smear and perf... Read More »

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What do pap smears check for?

Pap smears check for abnormalities in the cervical cells, located in a woman's cervix. Pap smears are highly recommended by health organizations, including the National Women's Health Information C... Read More »

Will a pap smear check for herpes?

A pap smear is a procedure used to check women for cervical abnormalities that might indicate cancerous cells. Genital herpes, however, is found through viral cultures of a sore, a blood test or a ... Read More »

Can a baby with herpes spread herpes through a bottle?

A baby with herpes can spread herpes through a bottle.

Can you get genital herpes but not oral herpes!!!?

"Just" the virus that's causing the sores?IF it's genital herpes that's causing the sores, the virus wont be eliminated by the anti biotics. It'l stay in your system forever, altho the number of o... Read More »