Do pantyhose keep ticks from biting?

Answer Of course they keep ticks from biting you. Don't pay attention to the clueless... Pantyhose provide a physical barrier they can't bit through period!!! Hunters have been using them for decades and ... Read More »

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Difference Between Black Ticks & Red Ticks?

Ticks are a common nuisance, but at times they do more than just suck blood and leave unsightly marks. They can spread disease by the act of biting. Some may wonder about the difference between bla... Read More »

How do I stop biting/picking my lips and biting the inside of my mouth Help!?

Set up a lot of hot dates with people you'd want to make out with. That should give you the motivation to quit.... no one wants to kiss someone with scabby, dry, peeling lips!

Best pantyhose you've tried?

For the price I don't think that you can go wrong with L'eggs Sheer Energy. If I am going out and willing to spend a few more dollars than I will usually wear Donna Karan Sheer Satin. I have hear... Read More »

How to Buy Pantyhose for Men?

Male panty hose can ease the ache of tired legs and also help your trousers to fit better.Male pantyhose have become increasingly popular for both fashion and health. Keep reading on how to shop fo... Read More »