Do painted turtles hibernate?

Answer Painted turtles hibernate, or brumate, during the winter. In the wild, they bury themselves in mud in ponds and streams, sometimes for months. If your pet painted turtles are healthy and well fed, ... Read More »

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Do western painted turtles hibernate for the winter?

During the winter, western painted turtles burrow into the mud of their natural habitat to hibernate for several months. They accumulate extra fat in the fall in preparation for hibernation, and wi... Read More »

Do pet turtles hibernate?

Pet water turtles--if kept inside and warm--do not need to hibernate. Still, you will notice that most pet turtles and tortoises will eat and move around less in the winter by nature.References:Cal... Read More »

Do baby turtles hibernate?

Baby turtles hibernate just the same as adults. If the adult of a species hibernates, the baby turtles will also. Because most species of turtles must hibernate to survive the winter cold, most ba... Read More »

Do red ear water turtles hibernate?

Red-eared sliders become inactive in the autumn once air temperatures reach below fifty degrees Fahrenheit. Red-eared sliders hibernate individually, most often under water, though they will also o... Read More »