Do painted turtles eat lettuce?

Answer Adult painted turtles do eat lettuce such as water and romaine. They also eat kale, water hyacinth and duckweed. Juvenile painted turtles are more carnivorous, eating fish, worms and crickets. They... Read More »

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Do snapping turtles eat lettuce?

Snapping turtles can and do eat lettuce, but because lettuce leaves are low in nutrients, they should be only one part of a turtle's diet. A turtle's diet should be varied and full of vitamins.Sour... Read More »

Do painted turtles hibernate?

Painted turtles hibernate, or brumate, during the winter. In the wild, they bury themselves in mud in ponds and streams, sometimes for months. If your pet painted turtles are healthy and well fed, ... Read More »

How big do Western Painted Turtles get?

A male Western Painted Turtle typically grow between 4 to 7 inches in carapace, or upper shell, length while females range from 8 to 10 inches. They tend to weigh about 2.03 oz.References:Austins T... Read More »

What do baby painted turtles eat?

Many people who adopt baby painted turtles have no idea how to feed them a balanced diet. Hatchling painted turtles require a variety of foods to grow healthy and strong.FishOffer your baby painte... Read More »