Do oysters live in groups or alone?

Answer Oysters live together in groups. They grow together in clusters on top of dead shells, forming oyster reefs. The clusters can become as thick as one foot. The added weight sometimes pushes the oyst... Read More »

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How long do oysters live?

In captivity, oysters can live up to 20 years, according to National Geographic. Oysters belong to the Ostreidae family of invertebrates and typically measure three to 14 inches in size. A group of... Read More »

Information on How to Keep Live Oysters?

Shellfish storage safety is perhaps a meticulous concern in food preparation. Shellfish contaminate easily with bacteria and toxins.Take the utmost care when storing live oysters, so you can enjoy ... Read More »

Where do oysters live in Long Island Sound?

Oysters live in a number of areas of shallow water in Long Island Sound, including Oyster Bay in New York state and the bays in Norwalk and near New Haven, Connecticut. The most common oyster is th... Read More »

Do giraffes live in packs or live alone?

Giraffes are social animals that live in large, non-organized herds consisting of males and females, of all ages. They roam the savannas of Africa in search of their favorite food, the leaves of th... Read More »